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Fast Light Toolkit

A cross platform Gui widget toolkit for linux and windows.
FLTK is an easy to use lightweight gui toolkit. It can be used standalone or best with Fluid, a designer for FLTK widgets.
The learning curve for Fluid is relatively quicker than other Guis, especially if used with Fluid.

FLTK has been around for a long time. A great place to get examples is at Erco's.

My Contributions
FL_Chart Extension

I was working on a program to draw stock charts but I couldn't find any charts suitable to draw candlesticks or double line-charts.

Normally, the two files to use for Fl_Chart  are (Fl_Chart.cxx, Fl_Chart.H).
The replacement class is Fl_ChartEx (Fl_ChartEx.cpp, Fl_ChartEx.H).
Just add them to your project directory. The new object is called Fl_ChartEx.

Use them to get these added effects;

What they do is add two extra arguments to various functions in the Fl_ChartEx class.
val2 and col2. This way, both FL_BAR_CHART and FL_LINE_CHART can have
an extra value to make candlesticks or add an extra line. col2 is the color for
FL_LINE_CHART's 2nd line.

Files Download

To compile, you will need flstring.h and comment out config.h from it.
flstring.h is found from the src directory of fltk's source package.

Comment out config.h from flstring.h
//#  include <config.h>

Alternatively, generate config.h from the souce file package (./configure).

e.g mychart->add(double val, const char *str, unsigned col, double val2, unsigned col2);

Fl_ChartEx.H : add val2,col2 to structure
Fl_ChartEx.cpp : add arguments (val2, col2)

    void add     (      val, str, col , val2 , col2 );
    void insert  ( ind, val, str, col , val2 , col2 );
    void replace ( ind, val, str, col , val2 , col2 );
Fl_ChartEx.cpp : copied bwidth definition from barchart to linechart to make all charts the same x-scale.

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