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Lubuntu linux Tips

( Parts referring to lubuntu 12.04 may be out-of-date )

How Tos

Install Make an Installer Stick

Install Lubuntu on a USB stick

Install Extlinux
CDROMs are archaic ! Install from USB.

From USB stick to USB stick

A simple and more reliable volume bootloader

Clone Clone your system to a drive Backup an exact copy and make it bootable.

Root Set no sudo password

Root Terminal shortcut
Get rid of that annoying sudo password

How to make a shortcut to one

Mouse Bigger Mouse Cursor

Set Mouse Speed

Disable Mouse buttons
Get a bigger mouse cursor

Easily set your Mouse Speed

Stop those annoying side buttons

Assign Key Assign a keyboard shortcut

Share Setting up SAMBA Easy SMB network file sharing

Speed Increase Broadband internet Speed Boost and stabilise you internet speed

Setup Bluetooth output
Get those headphones or speakers working

Autostart X programs
Create a MIME Type
Run a program after login
Associate a File Type without a headache

Lubuntu 18.04 Specific
How Tos

Mouse Busy Cursor Fix
Pointing Hand Fix
Mouse cursor randomly spins as if busy.
Missing Pointing Hand cursor when pointing to a desktop icon.

Lubuntu 20.04 Specific
How Tos

Windows Proper Borders Fix
Window Borders are so thin you can't grab them to resize.

Cool Apps to add

- media player
- system monitor
- program editor IDE
- text editor
- file size map
- web page editor
- file manager

Handy Scripts
Quick Disk Speed Test
Quick Mount/Unmount
CleanOut Trash
Free Memory

Config files
Open an app at the same position

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