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All Pro versions are subject to a distribution charge of  US$ 5.

This is an access fee for me being reluctant to part with a copy of the work involved.

The distribution charge does not affect any app's licenses or embedded licences in any way.
e.g.  A public domain app may be freely copied as soon as you recieve it, you may even charge a distribution fee of your own. Note that most apps are packaged with the Basic! engine which is itself GPL.
To request an app, send an Email stating the app to;
You will receive payment instructions (usually paypal). After receiving your payment, the app will be emailed.

LottoGuess Pro
lottery picker

LottoGuess Pro

The advanced version of LottoGuess

Generates random numbers to simulate a six-ball lottery machine.

Natively compiled simulator engine (m62).
6 PRN generators
5 simulation models
Adjustable shovel size
Running log.
Prediction is based upon the last two lottery results entered.

Models simulated are;
3D pyramid
Balls are plucked and put back on top.

-Pop - balls moved from all layers
-Bot - balls moved from bottom layer
-Rand - random pluckng
-Quick - no plucking, just shifts
2D Funnel
An upside down 2D pyramid.

Balls are shifted and swapped between layers.
Basic (no simulation)

PRN Generators : system, Mersenne, Chaos 1&2, Mother of All, RotB.


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