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  Jul 2019
Heads Up !! * HEW is closing down  :( *

HEW will be no longer be public.
So my advice is to download this current version while it still exists, It will be the last version that works with v01.91.

I have not found enough time to maintain HEW for public use.
Instead it will be updated for private use, although newer versions can only be found by extracting (parts of) it from any programs I release (assuming I have not encrpyted them). Those familiar with Basic! will know how to get to the code. Newer version will only work with hBasic - my variant of Basic 01.91.

There are currently at least 4 major flavours of RFO-Basic.

There is (still) a chance that both projects may cease to exist depending if Google drops support for classic ADT/ANT development tools and moves entirely to Android Studio (I really don't like Android Studio). Also, google now insists that new apks on Playstore be compliant with newer API levels, meaning constant upgrades to code otherwise old apps will not work on newer Android versions (this is another potential project killer).

(For any questions, please head to the forum.)

( What's Old? )
Full change.log  is here and the manual here

HEW - Humpty's Easy Widgets    A GUI Framework for RFO-Basic

The purpose of this project is for the easy building of the graphic user interface for apps on Android using RFO-Basic. HEW is put in the Public Domain.
It is the hope that by relieving the programmer of the complexity of the GUI, then he/she can concentrate more on the actual core of the application.

The framework consists of the following components;

Components : 

Widgets Theme Manager
Group Manager
(to do)
Other interfaces
screen init.
globals vars.

Event Loop
touch detection.

Interrupt code

Bottom Menu
Text,  TextBox,

Grid Select

Pick List, Pick Form

List Mark, List Move

Text Box
Key Input
Numeric KeyPad

Ask_YN, Msg_OK

Progress Bar

Positions widgets in a group.
An HTML Form Filler (gets input from user).

PickForm is
graphic version of FormFill.

Source files : themes.bas   event.bas    init.bas     isr.bas

ask_yn.bas   botmenu.bas    btimer.bas    button.bas chart.bas  console.bas   keyinp.bas   listmark.bas   listmove.bas   msg_ok.bas   numpad   pickform.bas   picklist.bas   progress.bas   text.bas    textbox.bas   txtscroll.bas

Reference Manual:

Currently compatible with BASIC v01.91

: Theme mananger. Sets colors, changes themes.
Event Loop : Main event loop (waits for events)
Init : Screen initialisation, set global variables.
ISR : Interrupt handling code. (interrupt service routines).

The term 'widget' here is not the same as an android widget. A hew widget is a graphical u.i control ( e.g a clickable button). A hew widget will try to re-use graphic objects whenever possible, this is because rfo-basic objects cannot be deleted, so some memory will be saved especially if the widget is used frequently.

Most widgets have a 'make' function (constructor) and a common callback function so it can respond when called by the main loop or by other functions.
All widgets have a 'bundle' of data that saves the current state of the widget. This bundle is returned by the constructor.
Some callbacks will have a 'command' parameter if it needs to handle more than one command.
If using the themes module, gr.color calls must be manually replaced with theme_color().

Theme Manager
All widgets uses themes.bas to get colors. This is done by calling theme_color() instead of gr.color().
The theme manager can also change themes and colors for formfill.css.
(more here).

Group Manager
The group manager's task is to relieve the programmer of positioning widgets. Each widget can be assigned to a group (a row), the group manager evenly distributes each widget in a group and each group on the screen, If the screen dimensions change, the group manager re-positions everything. Widgets are ordered in a group according to when they are assigned.

Other Interfaces
At the moment Formfill (an html form filler) supports HEW themes. It does this by wrapping it's colors with CSS comments.
The Theme manager can then replace these colors by overwriting the CSS file with new colors.

Getting Started
Write your first app with HEW !. click here.

Pics & Demos examples
Bottom popup menu

6 pane popup menu.
Text Scroll Pane apk
Modal Dialogs
Big Demo

big demo zip   apk
Terminal Demo apk
PickList  apk
Fully automated version of pickform for quick lists.

PickForm  apk Windowed or full screen list or form.
PopUp Numeric Keypad

Examples of HEW in use ;

Ready RSS
Quick I-Ching

The full change.log.txt is here

( What's Old? )

The rfo-basic forum is hosted on

Paul Laughton - RFO Basic (named after "The Dr. Richard Feynman Observatory")


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