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RFO Basic !   Development Tools

For serious programming, it is easier to edit on a PC and then transfer the files to phone for running/testing. There are some tools to streamline this.

Transfer FTP
(linux, windows)
For most, this would be the most conventional method as there are many ftp clients and servers already out there.

Some will let you drag n drop files from PC directly to server directory.

root  not required.
1. Install an FTP server on you phone.
2. And an FTP client on your PC.

3. Copy your file from PC to phone using ftp.
e.g (PC)try.bas -> (phone) rfo-basic\source\try.bas

4. Create a Launcher shortcut on your phone, i.e BASIC! interpreter, with try.bas as the input filename. (you only need to do this once)

Now you can run the program anytime by just pressing the shortcut !
Make sure your main program matches the name in the shortcut on the phone (see manual method above).
Samba Method
(linux, windows)

This is the most convenient method as having a mapped SMB drive means you can treat the shared drive on your phone like any other drive.

root required.
1. First install Samba Filesharing on your phone which will share your phone's drive via wi-fi. (App requires a rooted phone. if you are not rooted, then use the ftp method.)

2. Then, on your PC, find and map the shared drive.

3. Use a batch file to copy the .bas file to the phone.
linux : cp myfile.bas   /mnt/sda1/rfo-basic/source/try.bas
windows : copy myfile.bas   G:\rfo-basic\source\try.bas
RFO-BASIC! Launcher
(windows only)

versions for SciTE or Notepad++

Enables an editor on a PC to send a BASIC! program file to the phone and to run it with the interpreter.

BASIC! interpreter must already be installed
BASIC! Launcher (WiFi) (receiver) must be installed on the phone.
PC Launcher (sender) must be installed. It is called with the chosen editor.
Quick APK is an all-in-one solution which bundles together the basic program, resources and the interpreter.
Requires: JRE

XQA   x-quick-apk builder
XQA is an apk repackager for linux.
Requires: gambas, and java/jdk. Installation guide here.
Manual Building
The lowest level of building is to use Eclipse with Android's SDK and java/jdk.
Instructions for building this way is found in the BASIC! Manual.

Nicolas Mougin - RFO-basic Launcher and App-Builder/QuickAPK for windows
stefano - XAB/XQA apk builders for linux


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