E-Savings Calculator

E-Liquid Vs Analog Cigarettes - cost savings calculator.

e-liquid drops per cig. (no.of drops consumed giving satisfaction of 1 analog cigarette)
e-liquid drops per ml.
$ analog pack price (what you have to pay for a packet of analog cigarettes)

bottle size e-liquid e-liquid equiv analog savings
ml price drops cigs packs per bottle per pack %
10 $ $ $ %
20 $ $ $ %
30 $ $ $ %
50 $ $ $ %
ml $ $ $ %


A savings of 'zero' means the e-liquid is the same cost as the cigarette(s) that the e-liquid equivalently satisfied.

Depending on the type and size of bottle, there are about 20 to 28 drops per ml.
You can get on average 5 drags per drop depending on your atomiser and battery.

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