The BM-Mini   Mini Box MOD (Sep 2013)
Build Your Own !

The BM-Mini
This is a one-battery smaller version of the  simple battery case mod. (also known as a puck)

Use it for travelling, stealth-vaping or if you just don't like the bulk of the bigger mods in your hand.

It is built the same way as the rest of the BM series. Just choose the atty socket of your choice and order it from a e-cig supply store. The other parts (i.e box and switch) you can find in you local DIY electronics hobby store.

Below are a series of pics to show the building process with some notes.

The Box

The 1x AA battery holder has a thin channel to one side which is just enough room for the atomiser.

$3.5 HKD = $0.5 USD.

The switch I have is a bit thick but it doesn't stick out too much and is quite usable.

Grinding the hole.

Use larger, and then larger screwdrivers.
Finish off with a knife.

The hole needs to grind into the centre spine a small bit. Try not to come into contact with the +ve battery plate. If you do, you must treat the cathode of the atty as +ve to the battery.

Making more room.

You might have to cut out some room for the atty. It's a very tight fit in a one-AA box.

Settng the atty.

Use a long atty to adjust the alignment. Make sure it's straight in all directions.

Solder in the atty anode wire. And seal the atty if there's a centre hole with solder. this prevents leaked e-liquid from falling through.

Finally us two mix glue to set the atty position.

The button switch

Flatten the pins for more room.

Saw off the sides to make it straight and lean.

Grinding the hole

The lid slot needs to be longer on the left hand side for the slide-in.
cut the slots for the switch.
make sure the switch does not touch the battery.

That's all !

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