The BM-007 Mini Box MOD (Nov 2013)
Build Your Own !

A one battery smaller variation of the  simple battery case mod. (also known as a puck). A little larger than the mini-box mod but still useful for stealth-vaping as it can be concealed in the hand and vaped at 90 degrees, especially if using a small atty.

It is built the same way as the rest of the BM series. Just choose the atty socket of your choice, order it from a e-cig supply store or cut it off an old e-cig. The other parts (i.e box and switch) you can find in you local DIY electronics hobby store.

The BM-007 stays upright in your pocket and thus convenient when travelling.

I personally think of it as an upside-down pipe, although I've had comments of it looking like a  'suicide-gun' mod !!
It is actually easier to make than the other box mods because there's no round hole to bore. I made this one just using a swiss army knife, some hard setting glue and putty and solder kit. No drilling neccessary.

The Box

Standard 2x AA battery holder with one side for a single battery and other for the atomiser and switch.

$3.5 HKD = $0.5 USD.

Saw or File off the sides of the switch.

Cut down to where the atty and switch would go.
Score across with a blade on both sides to weaken the joints
and gradually lever off the slats with pliers.
File to smooth.

Making the Slots

The atty looks a bit ugly, it's because I had
trouble sawing it off a regular 510 e-cig.
I used a bit a hard setting putty, but you
can just use two-mix glue if you wish.

Be sure to have the atty perfectly aligned before the glue sets, or you'll have to start all over again.

The Cover Lid

The lid slot for the switch needs to be longer on the left hand side for the slide-in.

The atty slot is in the corner and will be easier as it doesn't need to be longer.

A rather botchy looking putty job. I just filed over it
painted it black afterwards.
You can just use 2-mix glue if you wish.

The BM-007 is very comfortable to hold in a variety of ways. It makes a pleasent change from vertical big batt mods.

That's all !

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