Vaping Styles

MTL or DL ?

How do vaper's take in the vapour when using a PV ?

There are two distinct styles.

MTL = Mouth To lung
DL = Direct to Lung

What's the difference ?

ALL real tobacco smokers start out as Mouth To Lung.
It is very rare that real cigarette smokers migrate to DL. Therefore these smokers would have never experienced DL except for those who have tried other devices such as a hookah.

1.  In MTL, the vapour is first sucked using the mouth.

2a.  The vapour can either be exhaled immediately (from the mouth or through the nose)
2b. The vapour can be sucked again into the lungs (from the mouth) and exhaled after.

Direct To Lung is used for devices which require a greater rate of air-intake.

1. In DL, the vapour is sucked directly into the lungs from the beginning of the puff.
2. The vapour is exhaled (either via the mouth or nose).

The reason why real cigarette smokers don't DL is because of the overwhelming intensity of the smoke and because the filter on the cigarette doesn't allow for a great amount of air-intake.

The first time a vapor user uses DL, he is likely to feel  sick. This is due to the user not being used to the intensity of the vapour. It is not recommended for a first-time DL user to use a strong e-liquid, i.e one with concentrated flavour and/or nicotine. The e-liquid should be diluted to weaken it's effects.

The need for DL for the majority of moden PVs is mainly for vapour production. The atomisers you find these days can only produce sufficient vapour if the air-intake rate is high and volume is large. This can only be achieved with DL (the lungs hold more volume than the mouth). Using MTL on these atomisers will result in very little vapour.

Having said that there are still atomisers and tank combinations which are designed for MTL. Using DL on these devices will not produce the desired affect because the air-intake flow is restricted in the design.

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