The E-Cigarette - known as a PV (Personal Vaporiser.)

Here are my contributions to e-cigarettes, or as the new generation call them - Personal Vaporisers.

The PV is an alternative to real cigarettes
(real cigs are refered to in e-cig forums as 'analogs').

General Stuff
What you ought to know.
Advantages of PVs versus tobacco cigarettes.

The Legal side
Current legal status of PVs (2011)
Quick History
Memoirs of the the e-cig revolution.

Vaping Styles
MTL or DL ?
All about building coils for RBAs  / RTAs

Quick Tips
Teabag Wick
Easier than cotton for RBAs

The Museum ( -- outdated --)
Small-Minis Those 'e-health' type e-cigs (2011)
The 'super' mini they keep talking about in the forums. (2011)
G4 Clearomizer
Unique Tank system Atomiser for KR808D type batteries. (2011)
Indulgence_V3  Updated big battery mod. (2012)
601 e-pipe auto pipe-mod from DSE (2012)
Bamboo V2
VV mod from HC (2013)
Box_Mods Simple battery Box Mod.
and variations;

KT-Aero Kangertech AeriTank V2 (2016)
SmokTech R40
SmokTech R40  sub-ohm MOD (2016)
Joyetech Dolphin
Pod mod (Jvic system)

What you ought to know


A battery is attached to an atomiser (just a tiny coil of metal) which heats e-liquid into water vapour.
A cartridge holding the e-liquid feeds the atomiser.

Old-Style e-cigarette -- outdated -- .

(old type system)

Some models will combine the atomiser and cartridge into one unit, these are called

Nowadays (since 2011-2013), most seasoned users have evolved away from 'cigarette' lookalikes and moved onto Big-Battery-Mods. These are big battery enclosures with either an atomiser, or the more modern Tank-System, i.e a  tank of liquid surrounding an atomizer (pictured right).

Smaller integrated units (of atomiser and tank) might also be known as 'clearomizers'.
Big battery mod.

Switcher Types
Automatic PVs will activate the battery when it is sucked ( a draw) which is detected using a vacuum sensor.

PVs require a button to be pressed by the user. This has been the consensual trend to date.

Manual-users claim that more control can be gained with the button while auto-users say that the auto action more closely resembles real cigarettes (i.e without having to synchronise a button press with a draw).
Auto e-cigs have a disadvantage that the batteries are usually not sealed leading to possible leakage of liquid into the sensor and battery. The trend since 2011 has been in favour for manual operation, however with newer designs, the auto-PV might make a comeback.

The  e-liquid or 'e-juice' will give off an odourless water vapor when heated which looks like smoke.  E-liquid comes with  added flavour and a level of nicotine ranging from 0mg to as much as 36mg. An average real cigarette corresponds to a level of about 18mg/ml of e-liquid for a PV.

The effective ingredient in e-liquid is PG (propylene glycol), more commonly used as a food additive, or preservative. PG was also historically used as anti-freeze, but only because the stuff they used before (ethylene glycol) was toxic, and was replaced with PG because it was proven practically to be non-toxic.

So there you are, there's basically nothing really 'electronic' about an e-cig at all
apart from perhaps the battery switcher circuit which might contain a voltage or current regulator. The 'electronic' part is mostly hype to get the punters buying when e-cigs first came out. These devices are nothing more than 'e-liquid heaters' or 'water vapourisers' with some flavour and optionally some nicotine added to the liquid.

The Legal side
World governments are generally biased towards banning the e-cig / vaporisers. This is mainly due to three reasons;

1. Nicotine delivery is licensed to either drug control or tobacco control legislation. Any 'new' substance is unfavourable to anti-smoking lobbyists who associate anything that looks like a cigarette or nicotine delivery as evil, just like tobacco cigarettes. They forget that the number one health hazard is 'smoke', not nicotine.

2. Long term affects are unknown. (Although medical doctors know that real cigarette smoke contain 4000+ toxins whereas  e-cigs producing water vapour contain virtually no toxins). However, medical doctors/scientists are usually non-smokers so gain no benefit for speaking out in favour of e-cigs. There are a few doctors/experts and even government advisory teams who have spoken out to prove that better health would be the result if smokers switched to e-cigs.

3.  Governments make a VAST amount of money from real cigarette tax (>400% !) which helps balance their budgets, frees up money to purchase other things and keeps parties in power of a whole country. Having e-cigs replace real cigarettes would be a disaster for any government as well as for tobacco companies.

In the current economic climate where most major countries are permanently in sovereign debt, it is ridiculous to think that any government would kill the tobacco industry in favour of e-cigs or no-cigs.

Having said that, there are still some countries which are undecided over the control of e-cigs, and so vaporising is 'tolerated'. Purchasing abroad or via the internet is not illegal but delivery through customs might be. It is a risk that many 'vapers'  take depending on where they live.

Ironically in China (the place where most factories are and the start of e-cigs), e-cigs are although perfectly legal to sell and buy, they are seldom bought by locals. Real cigarettes are so cheap in China together with an abundance of places to smoke, results in locals prefering real tobacco at the risk of their health. Most exports of e-cigs in China are for foreign demand.

Next: A quick history (my memoirs)

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