Quick Tips for PV (e-cigarette) maintenance

Tissue mops,   Atty cleaning,   Airflow-resistor Cartridge waist-thickener, Atty-Pick.

 Tissue mops

 (nice fit !)

Used for soaking up liquid.
Take one regular piece of toilet paper.

Fold it inhalf, in the same direction 4 times.

Cut it into 4 equal peices.
You now have 4 snug mops for cleaning


 Atty cleaning   - Soaking -

Clean your atty by dropping it into a bottle of hot water, then shake or swirl it. Let  it stand for at least 30 mins.
- Drying. -

Take it out of the bottle, give a it a few flicks with the wrist to get the water out. Put in a tissue mop, and let it dry overnight.
- Lemon Juice -

For removing stubborn stains and flavors, pre-soak the atty in lemon juice overnight.  Rinse it and then soak in hot water for 30 mins.

-Dry Burning -
An atty revival technique that rids the coil of impurities.

Activate the atty a few seconds at a time. For manual atties, blowing onto the coil at the same time will intensify the glow. Be sure to flick out a e-liquid residue beforehand.

 Airflow-resistor (this is for atomizers such as DSC-901 which have an inlet hole)

Not all attys are made the same, not even ones from the same factory.

For those that you think let in too much air, not giving enough air-resistance,  try this;

Use a small strip of scotch tape to partially block the inlet hole.

Caution though, not having enough air can cause an overburn taste or damage the atty.

Cartridge waist-thickener If your unlucky enough to have bought a new atty with a bigger than average opening,  you will find the cartridges feel loose and sometimes come off the atomizer while vaping.

Just wrap a layer of sticky tape around it to make it thicker.

Atty-Pick               It's just the 'L' shape broken off a paper clip.

It just fits into the hole under the atty to clear out any stiff bits of gunk.

Be delicate though, use minimal strength.