Quick Tips for PV (e-cigarette) maintenance. (updated jul 2019)

The Teabag Wick

The teabag wick is a rolled up teabag side. It performs on par with cotton and is easier to thread through the coil.
I found it also to be a bit more resistant to burning.

Do use a normal (cheap) teabag from a well known brand (e.g Tescos) as these are normally made from abaca (banana plant hemp), which is completely organic except for the border of the teabag which has tiny bit of adhesive to seal the teabags. If you are worried about this, then cut away the border.

Stay away from expensive teabags which use plastic instead of abaca hemp.

Take a dry teabag, cut away the sides and discard the tea.

You can keep the borders if you want, it's up to you, but the teabag makers put a tiny bit of adhesive there to seal the teabags.
You only need one of these sides,

Roll up the teabag using a toothpick.
Thread the teabag through the coil and take out the toothpick.
It will be easier if your coils are 3mm in diameter.
For thinner diameters, you need to take out the toothpick and continue rolling the teabag with your fingers until it is thin enough to fit through the coil.


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