Humpty's Review of the  DPV9 / KR808D Clear Atomizer / G4 Clearomizer    (july 2011)

It was browsing through's catalog during a regular order that I came across what looks to be a 'tank-type' system used with KR808D batteries.  It was advertised for the price of US$1.50.

A bit searching around found other companies were selling these as e.g G4 Clearomizers at similarly cheap prices. I was intrigued.

So I appended one to my order, I mean $1.50, what could I lose?

It turned out to be an atomizer incased in clear plastic with a dripper system above and around it.

After painstaking inspection with a magnifying glass, you'll see that E-liquid flows down an outer tube, pass the sides of a stop-base just above the atty, down the sides into a lower chamber and then gets absorbed by the atty threads.

Airflow is from below the atty, out above it, and then into a narrow inner-tube that goes all the way up into silicone mouth-piece.

As this is a re-fillable device, this review is based mainly in comparison with the popular DSE901 atomiser, which I think many people have tried and probably used with the KR808D type battery.

The Looks
The  DPV9/KR808D-1 Clear atomizer blends elegantly with it's battery (separate purchase) that is normally married to a cartomizer (with a 901 type thread).

It's mostly transparent in colour and gives it a clinical / laboratory feel , the main purpose being so that you can see how much e-liquid is left in the tank.

The tank is divided into two sections. A upper-section which holds the liquid, and a lower-section for vapour production. Curiosly, at the end of a vaping session, some e-liquid builds up at the roof of the lower section, you can see it dangling about and apparently it never gets heavy enough to drop into the atty. The only way to clean this out I found is to flick it aftter detaching the battery before your next refill. This lower-section liquid is darker and might have come from the upper-section or perhaps from condensation of the vapour.

Note that there is no atty mesh. I still don't know how it works exactly but somehow the liquid flows down the wall and onto the atty threads which touch the wall.  After a few puffs, you can just make out the odd bubble that surfaces to the top meaning there is some type of vacuum system that draws just the right amount of liquid.
(fitted to a long white batt) (next to a regular DSE901)

The Draw

ir resistance was much too light.I had to block one of the two holes of the battery and tape over three of the four holes of the atty thread (which are more difficult to block with putty) before I could get a tight enough draw and also nicely trigger the auto battery. Too many holes was also the cause of annoying whistling noises. It took a lot of tweaking here to get it right. And even so, the whislting noises did not entirely go away.

Incidently, the atty cannot be used with a 901 battery because those batteries do not have holes (the 901 atty has it's own hole), so air would not get through.
The atty does however fit an adaptor for the 'Indulgence' (a big battery mod) but again, much too much air gets through, so you'll have to find a way of blocking those holes on the thread.

Half a tank of vaping later, I saw some of the e-lquid had flowed into the inner tube. It's rather similar to a flooded atty, when some of the liquid finds it's way into the vapour path ('back-flow'), it causes gurgling and a potential for the liquid to enter your mouth. Fortunately there is a built in reservoir hidden within the silicon mouth piece for this overflow (which is quite difficult to clean out).  For the liquid that get trapped inside the inner tube, the only way to clear this was to give it a short blow. Again, I'm still not sure wether this darker liquid was coming from the top section or from condensation of the vapour.

Because the atty is incased in plastic, you can't hear the sizzle of the atty.
The Vapour

apour production is noticeably more in comparison with  a stock DSE901(SLB) (I broke out a new 901 atty to confirm this.)

It's a slightly warmer burn, which sure is surprising because while the stock 901 atty resistance stands at 4 ohms, this atty measured out 4.4 ohms. Thanks to the longer than standard battery and almost all-plastic casing, the heat will not present much of a problem when holding it for chain vaping sessions.

Again, the plumes are plentiful and 901 standard. Streams are nice and smooth (neither powdery nor too fluffy) with occasional grey/green tinges. The volume doesn't quite reach the amount you get from an LR atty, but there was more than enough to keep me happy.

Taste and Throat hit

My regualr juice is Dekang Ry4 18mg.

Because of the warmer burn, you can get an initial kick of intense taste. But I still needed to do a primer puff to achieve this (even with a manual batt).

The blend of 'sweetness' and 'darkness' is similar to the 901, only more intense. This is a good sign, as it does not emphasize the sweetness too much unlike some other atties.

Like the 901, the intake is smooth, there's no harshnesss. The throat hit is also warm and smooth, I just wish it could squeeze out a tad more flavour, which would make it perfect, but at this stage it is already doing better than the 901.

Don't forget this is far from an LR atty, it's feels warmer than 901 but it's definietely in the 'cooler' class of atties so it won't overtax your batteries. On this note, the atty rarely gets too hot to touch because of it's plastic construction.

On top of that, refills will be a lot less since a full tank holds about 1.5 ml, that would be the equivalent of about 4 or 5 cartridge refills.

There is no indication of leakage at the bottom although during the trials liquid was able find it's way out the inlet holes, especially when occasionally blowing to clear the inner tube of liquid.


The first attempts at re-filling did present a problem.
I tried to avoid getting e-liquid into the inner tube which is used for vapour/air intake. But almost every drop got attracted to it and went straight inside.

I finally decided the best way was to block the intake tube with a toothpick.

Pros Cons

Simple and Ingenius construction.

Cool scientific looks.

Tank system means a lot less refills and no waste.

Nice vapour. Nice taste and hit.

No (insignificant) leakage.

Too many inlet holes on thread, and difficult to block.

Whistling noises.

Awkward re-filling.

Awkward cleaning.

Liquid Back-flow.

For such a seemingly simple unit there are many benefts.

If you can manage to tweak over the whistling hole/s problem, I see no other downside to this little gem other than the annoying back-flow.

The cost of the atty, two auto batteries and a charger amounts to US$21. That's cheaper than most 901 kits and will give you a refillable system that's less hassle, better tasting and longer lasting than many others.

(up against another tank system) On the indulgence.
(sewing thread to partially block the holes).

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