Humpty's Review on theRN4081  (super mini)

I first ordered this e-cig thinking the 'super' in super-mini meant 'smaller' and was looking forward to an 'e-health' sized e-cig.

So imagine my disappointment when I opened the package to find something similar in size to my dse-901, a bit shorter but of the same diameter (9mm).

After some checking, I realized my view of what a 'super' should look like was at fault. It is infact a 'mini sized e-cig.  Apparently, this model has hijacked the term 'super'  to mean something else and it seems to be accepted by the public forums. So far no popular term has been coined for the other smaller type e-health cigs (8mm).

It is therefore thicker than an ordinary cigarette, so hence my disappointment.

However, all was not lost, after trying out a couple of puffs on the RN4081,
and for those who don't want to read on, I was on-the-whole impressed, end of story, go buy one.

Is thicker than a small-mini.

The Looks The Draw
Let's get the battery part overwith. It's a standard white 180mah batt. Infact it looks exactly like a 901 batt except the threads are inverted and the pattern lines are horizontal around the circumference instead of vertical down the
length. Not surprisingly, performance is the same.

From a distance, you could probably get away with bystanders thinking it was a real cig and so shouldn't bother you with those tiresome questions. Closeup though, it's horrible glossy cartridge is a dead giveaway of it's plastic look. Why they couldn't go for a matt finish is beyond me.

This cart is the worst part of the e-cig, it's looks and it's size. Instead of a longer sized e-cig, the designers opted to sheath the atty with part of the cartridge, leaving little room for the inner-cart, the part that actually stores the e-liquid.

This results in no more than 5-7 drops max per refill. You can get twice this amount in a dse-901 cart, and that's me thinking the 901 is already a small cart.

You kind of understand why the designers didn't extend the cart, because the cart would have looked too long, no longer resembling a real cig. There's two ways I would have got around this problem, either expose part of the atty (like they do with e-health type e-cigs)making more room in the cart, or paint part of a longer cart white. There are longer carts out there, but because they are not partly painted white, do spoil the look somewhat.

Having said that, I'm maybe over exaggerating it's importance. You can get a full 20 long drags from 5 drops, this adequately satisfies a full session for me, so no worries there.

Another positive note is that the sheathing of the atty is quite tight  and stops e-liquid leaking between the atty and outer-cart. But this doesn't stop leaking from the holes of  the atty thread connecting to the battery. Its's also a nuisance when you have to pull quite hard in order to take off the cart.
The feel of the draw is quite a pleasent sensation, it's silent with no irritating whistle like you get with some holes-in-thread atties., although  whistling does happen if you somehow flood the atty with too much e-juice, otherwise you'll get a nice silent draw.

You can't hear the sizzle of the atty though like the 901 or 501. It's probably because of the thick metal fortress that covers the atty combined with the seal of the outer-cart cover. This design of sealing the whole atty with plastic is apparent because it does get hot rather quickly after a couple of draws.

This is the first e-cig that can give me a pressured bulge sensation in the mouth during a draw. Whether it's
to do with the vapour volume or speed of the draw, I don't know, point is that you can feel the build up of vapour inside of your mouth. It's there, it's ready to explode, it's nice.

Air-resistance is just right, I didn't need to cover up either of the two holes in the thread like those you-tube videos suggested.

The Vapour Taste and Throat hit
There's no doubt this e-cig produces a more than average amount of vapour. The 901 can probably match it with a lot of primer puffs, and probably the 501 too, but volume is not really the focus here. The way the vapour comes
out is different. Compared to the 901's thick streamy grey-green tinge and 501's powdery wide puffs, the 4081 reminds me more of a good quality e-health on steroids.

It's thick light luxurious, bright white clouds try to clump together as long as possible. The vapour lingers for so long, I'm in danger of getting caught when sneaking a puff in the pantry at work.

I suspect the big mesh above the atty and tall enclosure is responsible for the large amount of vapour. The atty is either quick burning or else very efficient because when the
e-liquid starts running out, it is more sudden whereas with the 901, there's more of a petering out period.

My regualr vape is Ry4 18mg. The taste from an RN4081 is similar to an 'e-health', except that it accentuates the sweetness too much. Because the tobacco part of the Ry4 is diminished, it ends up like vaping a stick of toffee. Nice for a while, but I can't keep doing it for long. To change the mood, I would
either up the nic level to 26mg or switch to a flavour with no sweetness.

Throat hit is also diminished, two ways to solve this, again up the nic level or draw direct to the throat.

For office vaping though, this is not a biggy, it's rare that I get a chance to vape anything at work, so anything will do.

Pros Cons
Almost looks like a real cig.

Plenty of vapour.

Decent battery switching.

OK battery life.

Not bad for travelling, since the outer-cart sheaths the atty quite tightly.

Too sweet for some flavours.

Just a bit lacking throat hit.

Inner cart too small.

Needs a paper-clip to pop-out the inner-cart for refilling.

Cumbersome for dripping, since outer-cart fits too tightly.

The designers have set out to target users looking for an analog lookalike. This is clearly a product for auto users. Manual users would probably opt for a 501 with a brown cart. 901 users like myself would do well to use it for travelling or at the office, it's anti-leak design saves you some tissue wiping compared with the 901.

Let's not forget this is one of the cheaper e-cig models on the market.
The below par remarks I gave in some areas should not deter you from buying this product.  They are not serious enough to detract you from it's unique vapour sensation.

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