Humpty's Quick Review
SmokTech-R40 kit (12 Jan 2017)

This was one of the first temperature-controlled mods on the market.

First the good points:
  • Small design, beautiful box and brushed metal plates on top and bottom. Lovely finish.
  • Nice menu system and display.
  • Good battery (considering it's size)
  • 510 thread (spring contact).
There are only two modes of operation Temperature-Control and Wattage-control.

The kit comes with two atomisers,
A dual coil which can be termperature controlled and a single coil which can only work in wattage mode. I won't go into any detail suffice to say both required at least 25+ watts to produce enough vapour which becomes too hot a vape and starts burning your lips, even if you swap the default metal mouth-tip with a  plastic one.  Also either the atomisers or the tank is not leak proof between sessions.

The mod will not accept atomisers with more than 3 ohms and it's resistance detection is off and over by about 0.2Ω. This means it will push a little more power compared to more accurate mods. Wether you like this 'feature' or not depends on your taste.

There is a rattling sound with the buttons. The power button in particular had a delay rebound which leads me to believe that there is something loose (the battery?) inside.

Also, if the mod detects a change in resistance (which it will when the atty gets hotter) it keeps prompting if the atty has changed (+ for yes, - for no). This can get annoying.

I was about to label this device as a waste of money but then I tried an old-skool 510 drippable atomiser at 1Ω,9W and a kangertech aero V2 at 9W,1.8Ω, and hey! What a surprise. One of the coolest and smoothest, most cloudy vapes I have ever experienced!! It seems this device designed for sub-ohm vaping is probably better suited for regular atomisers.


Forget about the temperature control, it only works for steel, nickel and titanium coils.
Instead use this device in wattage mode for low wattage atomisers and you wont regret it.


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