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How to use MediaTomb to connect your Media Box to sopcast stream.

If you have a UPnP compatible media box, playing media to your TV set, you can connect to a sopcast stream by using MediaTomb for linux.

upnp diagram


1. Download mediatomb. I recommend the static binary for i386.
   Unpack into a dir of your choice and open a terminal inside that dir.

2. ./ &
   This starts the UPnP server
   It's web server address:port will also be displayed on the response.

3. Open a browser to the web server e.g
   Click Database
   Click '+' graphic (add)
   Fill in the form :

    External Link (URL)
    Title: Sopcast
    Protocol: http-get
    Class: object.item.videoItem   
    Description: Sopcast
    Mimetype: video/sopcast-x-ms-wmv

   And save it.
   This will create a video stream item within UPnP and should show up in your media box.
   (since UPnP is local, you do not need to enable UPnP on your router)

   Make sure the URL is the IP of the PC that is playing the stream.

4. Start Sopcast feed as usual :
    sp-sc <feed-URL> 3908 8908 &        (or you can start it with sopcaster)

   (you just need the stream, no need to play it on the PC).

5. Find sopcast stream on your Media Box e.g
    Files Manager > UPnP > MediaTomb > Sopcast
   The stream should play if your box can play wmv files.

6. When finished.
   Stop Sopcast feed as usual:
    killall sp-sc.
   Stop MediaTomb :
    killall mediatomb

I found the Mimetype doesn't really matter (you could just have used video/x-ms-wmv instead).

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