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RFO Basic !   Development Tools

For serious programming, it is sometimes easier to edit on a PC and then transfer the files to phone for running/testing. There are some tools to streamline this.

Because of Android's scoped storage, these tips now only apply to hBasic - a fork of rfo-Basic.

Transfer FTP
(linux, windows)
For most, this would be the most conventional method as there are many ftp clients and servers already out there.

Some will let you drag n drop files from PC directly to server directory.

root  not required.
Starting with Android 11, FTP servers cannot access another app's private storage. To fix this, hBasic v3.01 has an embedded ftp server which allows outside access (e.g an ftp client or ftp plugin of a file manager).

1. Open the built-in FTP server in hBasic.
2. Use an FTP client on your PC.

3. Copy your file from PC to phone using ftp.
e.g (PC)try.bas -> (phone) rfo-basic\source\try.bas

4a. Load try.bas from within hBasic.
4b. Create a Launcher shortcut on your phone, i.e BASIC! interpreter, with try.bas as the input filename. (you only need to do this once)

Now you can run the program anytime by just pressing the shortcut !
Make sure your main program matches the name in the shortcut on the phone (see manual method above).

Third Party Method

1. On your PC, share a directory via FTP or SMB.

2. Install a file manager that can connect to your PC.
e.g Total Commander + FTP plugin or LAN plugin., that can find the directory in (1).

3. In the file manager, find hBasic's base directory,
e.g /Android/data/com.rfo.hbasic

4. Transfer files.

Quick APK is an all-in-one solution which bundles together the basic program, resources and the interpreter.
Requires: JRE

QuickAPK is no longer supported.

XQA   x-quick-apk builder
XQA is an apk repackager for linux.
Requires: gambas, and java/jdk. Installation guide here.

XQA is no longer supported.
Manual Building
The lowest level of building is to use Eclipse with Android's SDK and java/jdk.
Instructions for building this way is found in the BASIC! Manual.

Eclipse has been replaced with Android Studio,
(but may still work).

All-In-One Compiler.
hSuite includes everything;

hBasic-master (hBasic source)
All Patches that can make hBasic or a custom version.
hPatcher (a patching program and compiler)
and JDK (customised)


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