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An opensource BASIC program interpreter for ANDROID.  ( by Paul Laughton.)
The FASTEST way to make an Android APP !!! (do you want to program without the mess of java, xml and slow emulators? - read on..)
Features :  Rapid Application Development (RAD)

Quick Development Interfaces
Android Phone Resources

Interpreter runs *.bas files

No compilation !
No Java !
No XML !
Easy APK building!
Graphics / Console
HTML (browser / data)
File I/O
SQL database
shell / root shell
TCP/IP sockets

Device Sensors (acc, temp, motion..etc)
Audio play/record, tone generation,
Email, SMS.
Text To Speech

Please note, the original BASIC! on Playstore became defunct due to lack of updates and changes in Android storage (scoping). You are encouraged to use one of the forks eg. hBasic which can be found on the forum. hBasic can be found furthur down this page.

Edit programs with the built-in editor ( inside  BASIC! interpreter app)
Any desktop editor and then copy *.bas file/s to the Android phone for the interpreter app.

No waiting for compilation or building process during development.
No need for a slow emulator. What you see is 'really' what you get.

When the program is finished, there is a tool to package as an .APK or .AAB
the program and embedded interpreter as a standalone app.

[ Development Tools ]
Tools for serious programming. This includes PC to phone file transfer and tools for APK app packaging.

[ Forum ]
The rfo-basic forum is now hosted on

Paul Laughton (creator) - RFO Basic (named after "The Dr. Richard Feynman Observatory")


My Stuff

hBasic My fork of 01.91 rfo-basic


Project Info and Stories

Context Editor highlighter for RFO Basic! (windows) A highlighter file for the ConText Editor keywords. (place inside the 'Highligthers' directory.)
Geany highlighter (linux)
A highlighter file to replace freebasic keywords. Rename and put as $home/ .config/geany/filedefs/filetypes.freebasic

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